September 29, 2010

Modern Nursery

This PERFECT masterpiece is born from Joe Lucas of Lucas Studio located in West Hollywood, California....near my neck of the woods. Where do I begin? I love it all. The combination of colors speaks volume to timeless elegance. The turquoise peacock adds the perfect sense of whimsy every nursery needs, but what I love the most is the juxtaposition of the gorgeous daybed and the modern tan end tables that work as a singular coffee table. This could easily be my bedroom....minus the crib. What do you guys think?

 {click on image to see source}

September 28, 2010

Dream Closets....Which Closet Belongs To Which Celebrity?

{images via ELLE DECOR}

1.Nanette Lepore
2. Nate Berkus
3. Anna Sui 
4. Jenna Lyons
5. Loree Rodkins

I know I've blogged about the perfectly, organized, and beautiful closet before, but I'm truly obsessed. I long for the day when I can have a huge closet to reconstruct with gorgeous dark wood shelves; along with the chic-est mirrored dresser to place in the middle; with a comfy-gorgeous chair to sit in when I'm pondering which outfit I'll wear that day; and of course I can't forget the elegant awe-inspiring chandelier to shed light upon my magnificent closet. Awe, the image is perfection. Well in the meantime, we can, or at least I can, relish in these beauties of celebrity-owned closets.

September 27, 2010

Magnificent Monday

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This chic kitchen boasts Ikea cabinets along with gorgeous Corian counters. And, what can I say about these stunning blue chandeliers? I am normally not drawn to such a sleek, modern looking kitchen, but I must say, I love the way the blue chandeliers and the beautiful blue lucite chairs brings the entire space together.

September 25, 2010

Rachel Roy

I just scored this stunning Rachel Roy suede jacket at Tj Maxx for a mere $100.00, and it retails for $200.00. I can wear it as a light jacket since it is made from a very light knit with stunning chic suede on the front panels, or I can wear it as an eye-catching blouse.

They have this Rachel Roy gold romper for $60.00 (retails for $120.00); I almost bought it ...and now that I think about it, I really don't know why I didn't.  What do you guys think of Rachel Roy's designs?

September 24, 2010

Jaime Kennedy's Home?

Kennedy calls this ultra artistic, high-tech space, home. I must say I like the contrast between the white modern furniture, cool, lime color, and the ultra chic cow hide against and even chic-er dark hardwood floors. 

{images via and google images }

September 23, 2010

A Celebrity's Hollywood Home

How many of you viewed Megan Mullaly and Nick Offerman's Hollywood home in last month's edition of ELLE DECOR? I loved the eclecticism. There were pops of color in all the right places, and there were gorgeous pieces that elevated a room to new heights.

What did you love about their home?

September 22, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

ELLE DECOR discusses the essence of mirrored furniture in any room written by Laura Regensdorf. She brilliantly states, "Mirrored furniture is the red lipstick of interior design: When there's a need for a bit of glamour, it does the trick every time". I couldn't agree more, and said so, in slightly different and less eloquently, here, months ago. I love the look of a traditional, eclectic, modern, or contemporary room with a whimsical or elegant piece of mirrored furniture. Below are a few gorgeous pieces:

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September 21, 2010


I just got my copy of Elle Decor, and this may be the best issue, so far, this year for many reasons. One reason, is the great article which does a great job, at dissecting the great Northern Italian city of Milan. Below are some Milan eye candy; enjoy. Make sure to pic up your copy of Elle Decor's October issue and check out the full article.

{The Last Supper}
{La Scala}
 {Spazio 900}
{The Triennale Design Museum}
 {The Brera District}

{images via ELLE DECOR}

September 19, 2010

I've Begun Looking For a Dress...The PERFECT Dress

{images via}

My high school reunion is scheduled for Summer 2011...and as all women know: it is ALL about the DRESS. Victoria Beckham's designs are chic, classic, timeless, and elegant. Any of these would be a hit among my classmates. Has anyone worn one of her designs..and what did you think?

September 10, 2010

Michelle Obama

I'm listening to President Obama and feeling inspired... naturally I began thinking of the First Lady. So, here are several pics that display the First Lady's great sense of style:

{click on each pic to see the source}

Freedom Friday...Live Freely...Live Inspired.

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love. ~ Sophocles

September 9, 2010

Designers Get Intimate

{images via}
Designers in their own element...Their bedrooms:
1. John Robshaw
2. Bryan Batt
3. Dylan Lauren
4. Kelly Wearstler
5. Thomas O'Brien
 Does your bedroom design reflect who you are?

September 7, 2010

Kitchen of The Year...via Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis' Kitchen of The Year is gorgeous. I love to see his trademark open shelving in the kitchen look so amazingly chic along side what looks like an open wine shelf that separates the kitchen from another living space. Check out his amazing design.

{images via House Beautiful}

House Beautiful 2010 Kitchen of The Year was first featured weeks ago... I'm still waiting for my issue. And even though other bloggers have already blogged about Jeff's fantastic work, I couldn't help but do my part....simply because I love Jeff Lewis' work. So, even though I'm a bit behind....I had to give tribute to this great looking kitchen. I hoped you love it as much as I do.

September 6, 2010

Magnificent Monday

I found some time, during my hectic Labor Day Weekend, to do some online surfing, and I came across The New Traditionalist's facebook page. After reading some status entries and looking at a couple of images, I had to know more, so I did my usual online research...and I love what I found. It seems they are a design company...but I'm not sure this title fits this company...because they seem to do more than simply design. They have a cool new take on creating beauty which then transpires into furniture. Does that make sense? Well, check out their website here....and then relish in some more pics below:

{all images gathered from different sources; click on pic to see source}

What do ya think?


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