May 31, 2010

Magnificent IKEA

One of my favorite stores...and a little piece of heaven, at least I think IKEA (*angels singing*). I spent this Magnificent Monday at Ikea with one of my best friends. My goal was to purchase their Alvine Ruta wool rug...and to my dismay...they were completely out. I was so stuck-on getting this rug today, that I asked an employee if I could...PLEASE...get the display rug. He said NO. He was polite, but he said NO. However, he quickly said they would be getting more soon. I was disappointed, frustrated, and angry...but angry with myself since I had been to Ikea about two weeks ago and was about to get the area rug, but I was swayed in not getting it by someone, who will remain nameless...but he knows who he is...simply because he said, "Ewww, it's ugly". My mistake: I allowed that silly comment to cloud my BETTER sense of style. So today, again, I walked out of Ikea with no rug, feeling empty, and secretly hating HIM. Wait, matters got a little worse....I then walked into Barnes and Noble, grabbed the issue of House Beautiful...and what did they have featured, along with other FAB area rugs?...Yes, you guessed FAB Ikea rug. Now, my anger towards HIM was no longer so much of a secret as I yelled...well not actually yelled..."Ohhh, he is going to get it". Okay, enough of's the FAB rug that will look great in my guest bedroom...well, as soon as I'm done redecorating it. Oh yeah, Mario Lopez was shopping at Ikea too...I wonder if he was the one to purchase the last Alvine Ruta rug today?

{via Ikea}

May 28, 2010

Freedom Friday.....Live Freely. Live Inspired.

Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think.”


May 27, 2010

{Hot Trend is Here to Stay}

What is one of the hottest trends in interior design? Green design. Usually a trend is considered something that is "IN" or something that is being done "Right Now"...but green design is being acclaimed as a standard. It is here to stay. And, I for one am grateful.

{Going green IS beautiful design. I've seen a similar style bedspread at Target...however, I am not sure if it is green. image via west elm.}

May 26, 2010

Inspiring Work Space

I've been looking at my home office and wondering what I could possibly do to make it truly beautiful. I want to fill it with beautiful and inspiring items but at the same time NOT make it too girly...simply because I share my home office with my boyfriend. So, I began doing some research, and this is what I came across:

 {Isn't this gorgeous? I wish my office were this large. via Michelle Smith}

{I love the simplicity of this work space. via examiner}

{Talk about putting it all away when you're done with work. I love a well organized space. via Country Living}

{I am loving the shelving. I love the staggered look...and coincidentally I have the same wall color in my office now...but I'm thinking of going lighter. via realsimple}

{My favorite. I love the color scheme and my hardwood floors are only a shade lighter. via designpublic}

{Same space as the previous office. I love the wall paper juxtaposed with the dark, pink, and white colors in the space. via designpublic}

{These would be a great addition to any office. via lasplash}

{More beautiful things to make any work environment even MORE beautiful. via gailson/mudpuppy}

May 25, 2010

Home of Fashion, Art, Culinary Arts, and Beauty

Italy. It can easily be argued this is the epicenter of romance, art, culinary art, fashion, and everything fabulous. It is the home of many greats: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Versace, The Pope, and too many too list but you get the drift. Italy is undeniably a country that draws you in ...and I for one have not been...simply because I've spent all my money on college, saving to buy a house, and now remodeling my house. However those close to me know that Italy has been on my mind since a young beckons...and I dream of is as if it is in my blood..Here are a few reasons why we love Italy:

{Need I say more? This is Cinque-Terre..I  could certainly live here. via gohappytravel}

{Venice. via blissfullydomestic}

{Let's not forget the tranquility and beauty of Tuscany. via tripadvisor}

{This is the opulent Grand Hotel in Florence. via weddings.about}

{Culinary Arts...Yummy! via world-food-and-wine}

{I minored in Art History with an emphasis in Italian Renaissance Art...and to see Michelangelo's Vatican Ceiling is a reality waiting to happen for me. via catholicdiscussion}

 {Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel Cruise 2010 in Venice. via zimbio}

{Versace show in Milan. via zimbio}

May 24, 2010

Magnificent Monday

It's Monday...and for many who have to get out of bed, get beautified, and go to work...there isn't anything better than to make the dreaded Monday a Magnificent one by looking great. And, one easy way to glam-up any wardrobe is to accessorize. We all love them: accessories! I have one word for you, acrylic. Yes, acrylic accessories have been around a long time, and this summer they are in high demand. Here are some examples. Let me know what you think.

{via This is a gold and acrylic dome ring. This would look FAB with a LBD or with jeans and a t-shirt}

{via tannershaven.  A simple clear bangle looks great with anything.}

{via sunrainey. Wear a large clear acrylic bracelet with no other accessories. This is a statement piece}

{via This is also a statement piece. This would look good with a white, strapless sundress}

{via I would wear this with jeans, black t-shirt, and a black blazer. This would be my outfit's showstopper.}

May 21, 2010

Freedom Friday!...Live Freely. Live Inspired.

Of all things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship. Epicurus

P.S.: Thank you all for your friendship.

{A Perfect White Backdrop}

A perfect, white backdrop is the beginning to a delectable design recipe. And, I'm sure most of you've noticed, it seems to be the trend right now. Use a stark, white backdrop to emphasize art, color, and mood...and what do you get? Innovative, Stunning, Delicious design. We've seen it in all the design magazines and on TV...a perfect example is the fabulous TV show, 9 by Design. This fantastic design family uses white as a backdrop to their drop-dead-gorgeous aesthetic...and it seems to have been the trend in England for years. Here are a few examples of how a stark, white backdrop with pops of color will exude elegance, simplicity, and awesomeness.

{via by Design. A perfect example of elegance. The pops of color used with colorful found art on the wall and the structural fan in a bright red brings the look together. }

{via home-designing...An elegant London home. The use of turquoise and pink draws you in}

{via decorpad...Again, pops of pink, gold, and metal create a cohesive look against the white backdrop}

{via Vogue...again, the use of turquoise looks fabulous against a white backdrop.}

{via Veranda...I love the impact of the blue door against a sea of white}

{via Southern Living...I can't help but be drawn to the is the finishing touch to this white bathroom}

{via decorpad...a pop of color can make a white collection stand out and look stunning.}

May 20, 2010 Where's it AT.


Cesar Salad! Yummy. I am a true believer in the notion that a healthy body is a precursor to outer beauty. And, one way to be healthy is to eat your know "greens" meaning anything that grows from the earth. Eat more salads, fruits, and veggies. There are too many people who will easily admit not to eating any fruits or vegetables...I for one love them..but the easiest way to add these to your daily meals is to have them for lunch..especially when you're at work. Yes, it's easy. Here's the thing: most people pack a lunch, so the best thing to do is to pack your lunch right after you've eaten dinner. Yes, listen: once you've eaten dinner, you're full and satisfied so, hopefully, you are not craving any snacks or the hell-of-all-foods, junk food this is the perfect time to pack a healthy lunch for the next day since you don't have junk food on the mind. This is what I pack: a large Tupperware container of mixed green, leafy lettuce and I add about 1/4 cup of walnuts to the same Tupperware container (walnuts are key because they will stifle your hunger until dinner) and in a separate small Tupperware container I add a vinaigrette. But this isn't enough. I also add a banana, orange, and some blackberries or raspberries in a separate Tupperware container to my lunch bag. And, of course my large quart of water. I eat my banana and orange around 10:15 am, and I eat my salad (with walnuts) and blackberries at lunch.This totals to at least 6 servings of fruits and veggies in a day. 

For the recipe to this delicious Cesar salad go here.

May 19, 2010

Have YOu Heard? ...BlueFly

I love a great it fashion or interior design...but what I love the most is a great look at a Great Price!. This is where Bluefly comes in. If you've heard of this great online site, then you too have explored the endless possibilities offered. Bluefly is an online site where one...any lover of fashion...can explore looks by Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG Max Azria, French Connection, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Stella McCartney..and too many to list. The following are only a few examples that I would love to wear this summer; enjoy:

{French Connection}

{BCBG Max Azria}

{BCBG Max Azria}

{Diane von Furstenberg}

May 18, 2010

{As Featured in ELLE DECOR}

Meg Ryan's beach house evokes an elegant simplicity we can all fall in love with. This home seems to have it all: vintage pieces, antiques mixed with state of the art appliances, and a great view from the house. Have a sneak peak to Elle's June issue here.

{I'm loving the natural light that infuses this space}

{I know I've said it a million times before, but I simply LOVE the juxtaposition of opposite, and here we have antiques mixed in with modern appliances}

{This antique tub is simple elegance at its best}

May 17, 2010

Alexis Wolfer


Would any woman dare go to work without wearing any make-up? This woman did. And, I know I wouldn't ...unless...paid a good amount of money.Ms. Wolfer seems to be socially conscientious and has begun a revolution: Make-up Free Monday. Well, it's Monday, and I'm wearing my make-up, but I'm no Alexis Wolfer. All kidding aside, Ms. Wolfer's campaign is a movement to get women...everyone... to be aware of a woman's inner beauty versus our constant compulsion to be "made-up". I applaud you, Alexis Wolfer. To read the full story go here.

{Magnificent Monday}

{via mithrastevens}

Where no one knows me...this is where I want to be on this magnificent Monday...overlooking the beautiful waters of Italy, taking in the scenery, and listening to my thoughts. Mi piace molto.  Ando a Italia presto.

May 13, 2010

Pucker Up

 {via Loreal Paris}

Whether it is a brown shade of cashmere or a nude tone, a lipstick in any shade that falls into this family, can look good on anyone. Personally, it is the only family of tones I use. Some believe a nude shade can only be worn during the summer, but I completely disagree. The variations of depths are endless. Some darker shades of cocoa can be achieved with the right lip liner; whereas a softer nude shade is also easily created. The options are endless, so pucker up.

{MAC is an all time favorite of those who love a matte look}

{Pupa is a line that uses all natural ingredients that also stimulate the synthesis of collagen}

May 12, 2010

{What I'm Coveting >>>>Horchow}

This is Horchow, and they are offering 25% to 35% off their entire site...right now. Hurry! Who are they, do you ask? Horchow is an online site who offers everything from furniture, outdoor decor, to personalized gift ware...and their style also varies from traditional settees to eclectic international art. If you haven't been to the Horchow world of dot-com, you must click away and bookmark it now.

{This would look great in my guest bedroom. The height and width would fit perfectly facing the new large chair I've already purchased....hmmm, ideas}

{A capiz chandelier..and it is less than $700.00 before the sale price}

{Great settee. Love the yellow graphic fabric. Perfect for an entry or guest bedroom}

{This would look great in my living room. I've been looking for a leaning mirror for a long time...except, I'll be honest, this doesn't fit my budget.}

{So unexpected, when it comes to an animal hide. This one is called the Blanco Hairhide, and it would look lovely in my guest bedroom since the walls and hardwood floors are a dark color}

{I wish I was planning a party! These personalized matchboxes are to die for. Love the colors and graphics.}

{On SALE: $3,748.00 before the 25% off sale. Was: $4.999.00}


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