December 30, 2010

Bring In The New Year at Miami's The Epic Hotel

And if you decide to stay, you can make The Epic your home. The Epic is not only a chic hotel, but they feature equally chic condos on the waterfront in South Florida. Happy New Year to everyone...we'll see you back here on the blog-sphere in 2011.

December 28, 2010

December 26, 2010

Chic Wardrobe...for 2011

This is so my style. I am taking a look at my wardrobe. I'm not going to change much since I feel I've always had a chic sense of style...but I'm always happy for new additions. The jeans look on the left is so  my look. I already have pieces that are extremely similar to this. 

 I love these cropped jackets, but I do worry about trends. I hate investing money on an item that may only be "wearable" for about 4 months. What to do?

Accessories are majorly important to any chic wardrobe. I can take leggings an over-sized soft t-shirt (something I may wear on a Sunday, lounging around the house), pair it with heals, and add any of the above necklaces...and viola ...I have a perfectly chic outfit to wear out to drinks or the latest hot concert in town.

I've got the white skinny pants down and the neutral heel. All I need is the all the other gorgeous pieces featured here. Gucci at its understated, best!

December 23, 2010

I Need Suggestions...

{via my blackberry}

I'm trying to infuse shades of turquoise into my living room without going over-the-top. The second pic features a corner...and as you can see,  I have a turquoise Buddha head, vase, and agate coaster...and a Dwell Studio (Target) pillow. I'm thinking of changing the curtains to lovely turquoise curtains (without a pattern). What do you guys think? The first pic shows a cabinet I purchased over 5 years ago...It is solid wood, and I only paid $750 with delivery...I love it...but now I'm thinking of having it painted an off-white color. What do you guys think? I need suggestions. Oh, and don't forget to enter my first give away for a chance to win great looking Kate Spade tidbit plates here

December 22, 2010

Horchow...50% Off Sale On Selected Items

Some of my Favorites: 

1. Placemats
2. Nailhead Storage Cubes
3. Curved Garden Seat
4. "Ravishing" Chandelier

images via Horchow

My First Give Away

{via my blackberry}

I'm so excited...This is my first give away. These are a set of 4,  Kate Spade New York tidbit plates, by Lennox. They are red, white, and  have a gold bow design (see pics). These tidbit plates are ideal. They can add a chic flare to your setting when having a small gathering with family or girlfriends. Why not have cucumber sandwiches or dessert on these stylish Kate Spade plates?  They retail for $50, but they can be yours doing all of the following:
1. Follow my blog...if you aren't already a follower.
2. Post a comment here. 
3. Mention my give away on your blog (well you don't have to, but I'd appreciate it).
4. And, if you win, mention your win on your blog. 

I will announce the winner on December 28th...So stay tuned. The last day to enter is December 27th.
Good Luck!

December 21, 2010

My DIY Project On A Rainy Day

{via my blackberry}

Thanks to many rainy days in California, I was forced to look around my home and find things to do to keep me busy. So, I looked through a cabinet where I keep linens, tablecloths, and too many other things to list. I came across a shower curtain I found at Ross. I paid $2.50 on clearance for this shower curtain. The only reason I purchased it was because I adore the pattern. I decided to cover the back panel to a bookshelf that is housed in my living room. I used Velcro strips to adhere the material  (after cutting it to size) to the back panel. I've been told it will take a couple of days for the wrinkles to disappear. But, I may go back and decoupage the material to the panel to create a much smoother effect, and since this bookshelf is an inexpensive Ikea purchase, I am not afraid to decoupage. I may also paint the bookshelf an off-white color. What do you guys think? I am always open to suggestions and comments; I am not sensitive, and I value bloggers' ideas, so please, post any and all comments and/or suggestions.

I Spy Great Fashion

{via my blackberry}
I love InStyle Magazine. I find fashion inspiration on every page, and this time, I found two great looking outfits I want to own. Sidenote: I apologize; my blackberry takes horrible pics. The first pic is of a gorgeously draped, white dress, by Kenneth Cole, that I could wear to my high school reunion this coming summer; and the second pic shows chic "leather" skinny pants with a light, see-through tunic. I can wear the second outfit to a concert and feel hot wearing it.

December 20, 2010

Magnificent Monday

I love surfing and looking for inspiration. And, it looks like I found it. Normally, I would be too terrified to mix and match so many different patterns, but it truly seems to work in this space. I think the trick is keeping it light. I noticed the designer kept a light and bright, white neutral background. This way everything pops, but it does not overwhelm. What do you guys think?

December 19, 2010

A Rainy Sunday Evening

I've been missing-in-action for a while. Forgive me. Like many of you, I have a career, and lately it has been super time much that I haven't had any down time. But hopefully, things are settling now, and my blogging "career" is back on track.

December 6, 2010

Magnificent Monday

{via my blackberry}

I completely scored these Agate coasters (set of 6) at Marshall's for $7.50 this weekend. I've seen these at Anthro for four times this amount, and blydesign sells a set of four for $62. So, I totally scored. And, they look perfect next to my turquoise vase and Buddha head. I'm loving this Magnificent Monday. Check out blydesign's set of four agate coasters:

December 4, 2010

Not an Ocean Amount of Blue

I'm completely drawn to these blue drapes. I'm thinking of adding blue drapes to my living room, and this is a great example of how to incorporate the "IN" color without going over board and implementing an ocean size of blue.

December 2, 2010

My Perfect Concert Outfit....To The Jingle BAll I Go

This Sunday, I'm headed to the KISS FM Jingle Ball where I will see perform one of my favorite artists: Enrique Iglesias. So, I've put together a perfect concert outfit that consists of the a gray over sized, light shirt; black leggings with a zipper at the ankles, the perfectly fit black blazer with ruched sleeves, and (not pictured) chic Franco Sorto silver heels with a zipper at the back of the heel. I'll add the finishing touches to polish the look with a silver, multi-strand necklace, diamond earrings, and a gorgeous chunky ring.

November 29, 2010

Magnificent Monday

{click on images to see source}

On this Magnificent Monday I'm thinking, dreaming...of all beautiful things. I find myself imagining the perfect room, and after spending much of my time scouring through design magazines and design websites, I've learned that every room needs a piece of  "jewelery". It is that piece of "jewelery" that will finish off the space. My favorite pieces to add...or see... in any posh space is an elegant Venetian mirror; or a chic nail head side table / ottoman; or a trendy white cow hide; or, a chic chandelier. Any of these would be the perfect finishing piece to any room; but more importantly, any of these pieces would elevate a space into the realm of design "chic-ness".

November 27, 2010

Olay...An Oldie, But A Goodie.

Oil of Olay has been around a long time...a SUPER long time. I remember seeing my grandmother's bottle of Oil of Olay on her dresser. Today, Oil of Olay has expanded. They now have fantastic body washes and body lotions. And, I for one am super ecstatic. I've been using the body wash and body lotion for about two months now, and I love the results. I find my skin a lot smoother and softer...and because it is a lot seems to glow just a bit more than usual. 

November 26, 2010

Freedom Friday...Live Freely...Live Inspired.

{click on image to see source}

The day after Thanksgiving is infamously known as Black Friday...Thousands hit shops in hopes to find that sought after item at a great price. Some may be looking for that last home item that will finish off the master bedroom or living room. So to lend to the madness, I thought it fitting to post an inspirational piece. And, I truly found inspiration in Joel Mchale's Hollywood Hills home. Here are only two pics of his chic home, but you can devour the entire spread in the InStyle magazine. Happy Shopping to all those brave shoppers on this Black Friday.


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