July 30, 2010

Freedom Friday...Live Freely. Live Inspired.

Take in the Bigger Picture, and Take the Time to Enjoy the Smaller Things. Because it's the Smaller Things that Bring us The Greatest Joy! ~ Sara

July 29, 2010

Chic Travel

1. Bajra Wrap 
2. Oversize Sunglasses by Michelle and Miu Miu
3. Bobby Brown Empties: Customizable Containers
4. iLuv Portable iPod and DVD Player
5. Bose Headphones
6. Smythson Jewelery Roll
7. Louis Vuitton Luggage (which you can probably find for less on ebay)

For more travel accessories go here.

{images via InStyle}

July 28, 2010

Inpirational Little Girl's Bedrooms

Recently I looked at two pics of a little girl's bedroom who is 2 months old. Her bedroom was designed by her mother....and even though the room has a very good starting point...it is not quite there. The problem is, I can't say anything...If I did, many people would be offended...and they are related to me...so I won't say anything. The little girl's bedroom is simply pink (the same shade of pink is used in everything) and white...and no other accent color was added. If I were asked my opinion, I may suggest something like this:

{images via photobucket}

My favorites are the last two pics. The second to  the last belongs to the little girls on the Bravo TV show 9 By Design which is FANTASTICI also love the last pic...because as many of you would agree...a little girl's bedroom does not have to be pink. Here the muted teal, turquoise, gray, and off-white colors evoke a chic elegance that is timeless. I am also aware that many of these pics do not include a crib...but it would be easy to substitute any bed with a crib that follows the same design.

July 27, 2010

July 26, 2010

Magnificent Monday


 {My alma mater: UCSB. This is the about 3/4 of the campus, and it is magical. I miss listening to the crashing waves as I lay in bed in the Santa Rosa dorms. }

{My favorite California mission. The Santa Barbara mission is majestic and includes a serene rose garden where one can sit with a delicious picnic and enjoy the scenery.}
{The Santa Barbara court house, and its sunken garden. One can climb the tower to enjoy gorgeous views of Santa Barbara.}

{State Street is filled with about 7 blocks of great shops, cafes, and restaurants such as Saks, Athropologie, Starbucks, Ruby's Cafe, and endless unique stores that sell great clothing and home decor.}

{State Street. Again, filled with great cafes and restaurants where one can eat al fresco and enjoy Santa Barbara weather.}

{Rent a tandem bike and ride along the beach on Cabrillo Blvd.}

July 23, 2010

The Brooklyn I Never Knew

I fell in love with the architecture of brownstones as an undergraduate; as an Art History minor, I took a class that dealt with the art that transpired from the Industrial Revolution...and one of the books I read (one out of 7 that had to be read within 3 months, not including the other books for my other classes that quarter), was The Brown Decades ...it was this book that introduced me to the beauty and ingenuity of the brownstone. I was hooked. And even though I've yet to experience New York, I have great respect for the creativity the brownstone exudes and the obvious contrast from the opulence in the Greek/ Victorian/ Gothic architecture that seemed to dominate before. Well, the brownstone is celebrated today ....again...in Traditional Home Magazine. I got my September issue today, and it has a FANTASTIC spread on Brooklyn's brownstones, townhouses, and everything there is to admire about Brooklyn. One home that is being featured belongs to Katie Brown. Her home is a four story townhouse that she and her husband renovated after living in Manhattan for several years. Make sure to pick up the magazine to read the entire spread, but for the meantime, here are some pics of her Brooklyn home.

Freedom Friday....Live Freely. Live Inspired.

The Best Things in Life Aren't Actually Things.

July 22, 2010

American Apperal and Rebel Yell

{image via whowhatwear.com}

My usual workout consists of kickboxing and pilates 4 days a week, but this summer I've taken to going outside. Instead of confining myself to working out indoors, I've added a soccer workout routine of 3 days a week. This means my workout attire has also changed...for the better. And...what's a better workout motivation  than a cute workout outfit?...Well, other than getting a firmer butt and abs... I have the next best thing: great looking workout apparel. American Apparel and Rebel Yell both have great looking gear...and they seem to be the choice for many celebrities.  Here are a couple examples of what they carry:

{above images via americanapperal.com}

{above images via rebelyell.com}

What do you guys wear while working out?

July 21, 2010

The Perfect White Couch

I'm looking for the perfect white couch, so I searched the net for inspiration and this is what I found. My favorite is the first and fourth pics, but I'm leaning towards a white, leather couch....and haven't found it yet. It's difficult because I don't want to spend over $2,000.00 which is what most leather couches cost. So...my search continues.


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